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#5 If Israel is Defending On All Sides, Should Nigeria Have It's Back?

Our opinion at NCGN is "Yes". Israel is a worthy ally for Nigeria, giving the country the opportunity to show the best of it's development. Israel also has many merits of their own, and their enemies are scrambling to bring anyone they can to their side. Now what do you think? Loading…
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#4 "Global Oral Health Burden" Oluwadayo Oluwadara MS, PhD, DDS, Grad Cert Oral Pathology (NCGN)

by Oluwadayo Oluwadara MS, PhD, DDS, Grad Cert Oral Pathology for Oluwadara Dental Corporation - Did you know oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide? That's right, it's not just cavities and bad breath – oral health has a significant impact on our overall health, economy, and society. This article delves into the three tiers of the global oral health burden: 1️⃣Primary: The direct impact of the disease in your mouth. 2️⃣Secondary: How oral health affects your overall health (think heart disease, diabetes). 3️⃣Tertiary: The economic and social costs, including job loss and social isolation. The primary burden of oral diseases is the real impact of the pathology, either at the clinical, structural or molecular level. The secondary burden of oral diseases is on overall systemic health. The tertiary burden is the grave economic impact, the negative societal impact up to loss of life. The World Health Organization considers a worthwhile pursuit of

#3 Underground Christian Afrobeats Artist from Los Angeles Releases Shockingly Masterful Album, With THAT Guitar and More

Meltudvo, a talented Nigerian Christian Afrobeats artist based in Los Angeles, has recently released his latest album titled "O.M.G." The album has been creating ripples in the music world, attracting attention from fans and critics alike with its unique blend of Afrobeats rhythms and spiritually uplifting content. With a YouTube channel boasting over 500 subscribers and eight videos, Meltudvo has been steadily building a dedicated audience. His passion for music and connecting with his listeners is evident in each of his performances. The album "O.M.G" opens with the track "Yafun Yafun," a vibrant and lively song that showcases Melttudvo's soulful vocals and his skill in incorporating traditional Afrobeats elements into a contemporary sound. The live performance video for this track has already garnered over 26,000 views in just one year, demonstrating the artist's growing popularity. The eponymous track "O.M.G" follows suit with an infe

#2 NCGN: Musician Limoblaze Prepares to Leave America

Limoblaze is leaving America on a note of encouragement to the USA community. Here's a link to his website: #2 NCGN: Musician Limoblaze Prepares to Leave America 

#1 NCGN: Dr. Oluwadara at New Covenant Church Hyattsville

#1 NCGN: Dr Oluwadara at New Covenant Church Hyattsville, Maryland